June 2, 2011

Taste the Rainbow, an Ice Keki Rainbow

When I was a little boy on Saipan, oh so many years ago, a regular treat was to get ice keki on a hot day. Amazingly, the Chinen Ice Candy Store in Garapan is still around selling ice keki at the same location that I remember.

What is ice keki? Well, if you spent any part of your childhood on Saipan, you know what it is. For the uninitiated, it's an ice pop, like an otter pop sold in mainland supermarkets. For some reason though, it tastes so much better.

I've shared this experience with my kids and they love it. A mere suggestion of ice keki elicits screams of delight from the kiddos followed by requests for certain colors. Watching them down one (or two) ice keki draws a smile on my face. I know what they are feeling. It was yummy for me when I was a kid, and it still is yummy for me as a grown up.

Ice keki, another reason I Luv Saipan.

(hu guaiya hao mama)
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