January 24, 2011

Thursday Night Lights

What do you do on a Thursday night?  Watch TV?  Go to bed early?  Well on Saipan, there's the Street Market.  It's a venue in Garapan where the street fronting the Fiesta Resort and Hyatt hotels are closed to through traffic.  Tents are setup on the street where you'll find vendors selling prepared food, produce, and merchandise.  There's usually some form of entertainment as well, where local students or groups dance, sing, or do some kind of performance.

The Street Market is bustling with tourists and locals.  It's the most crowded you'll see a street get on Saipan.  The smell of the BBQ will make your mouth water.  The fresh fruit and produce will tempt your eyes.  The vendors selling Thai, Filipino, and Chinese cuisine will offer 5 choices for $5 dollars.  An excellent deal in my book.  You'll even find Chamorro food and hand made handicrafts.

Every so often, I take my family down to the Street Market to grab dinner.  My kids' favorites are the BBQ sticks and pearl shakes.  We never leave the Street Market without picking up BBQ sticks.  For me, I look for the Chamorro food, especially tamales gisu.

If you're ever on Saipan, get to the Street Market on Thursday night, grab something to eat and just people watch.  It's an I Luv Saipan experience.

To see more pics of the Street Market, click on the image above.

(hu guaiya hao mama)

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