November 6, 2010

Trick-or-Treat: Halloween on Saipan

There's just something about Halloween that gets everyone excited.  For kids, it's all about the candy and goodies.  The costume is secondary.  For single adults, it's a chance to party in disguise.  For parents of young kids, it's all about the smiles on kids faces.

My memories of Halloween on Saipan date back to the 70's when the only place to go trick-or-treating was Capitol Hill.  At the time, that's where all the Trust Territory government housing was located.  The streets were paved (a rarity at that time) and most of the families that lived there gave out candy. 

Since I've moved back to Saipan from San Diego, I've got to experience the new "Capitol Hill" of my childhood years, and it's called Tottotville.  I live in this neighborhood.  I moved into a house that my sister owns and she warned me about Halloween.  She said, "Tons of kids come, so be prepared."  Boy she wasn't kidding.  That first Halloween in Tottotville was nuts.  It seemed like a couple thousand kids rolled through the neighborhood trick-or-treating.  Each year after that, we've had at least a thousand kids trick-or-treating in Tottotville on Halloween. 

Recently, a new trick-or-treating event has gained popularity called Trunk-or-Treat, and it's held at American Memorial Park from 4pm-7pm on Halloween.  Different organizations signup to hand out candy from the trunks of their cars in the parking lot in front of the visitor's center.  This year, we checked it out and it drew the same amount of kids as Tottotville.  Funny enough, I saw some of the same kids at the Trunk-or-Treat later on at Tottotville while we were handing out candy there.  Smart kids!

Anyway, I love Halloween on Saipan.  I love handing out candy to kids.  I love asking about their costumes.  I love hearing the young voices yelling, "Trick-or-Treat!"  Or saying, "Thank you!"  Or shouting, "Happy Halloween!"  The kicker though is to see their eyes get wide and their smile appear when I drop some candy in their bag, pail, or hand.

Yep, it's just another reason I Luv Saipan.

(hu guaiya hao mama)

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