July 12, 2010

Hafa Adai Dolphin

One of my family's favorite treats is to eat at the Dolphin Restaurant at Hafa Adai Beach Hotel.  We sometimes visit this restaurant for Sunday brunch.  It serves a simple buffet with grilled items, seafood, sushi and other Japanese dishes.  The food is tasty, but it is not the main attraction.  The main attraction is the spectacular views from the restaurant.

The restaurant is on the 10th floor of the Crystal Tower at the hotel and its unobstructed views of the lagoon and the ocean horizon leaves you in awe.  On the North side of the restaurant you have views of Managaha and Micro Beach, and on the South side you can see parts of Garapan and Tinian.

(looking North)

(looking South)

Look out West and you see the vast ocean, starting with hues of turquoise as it fades out to navy blue.

(looking West)

The restaurant isn't very big, and surprisingly it's not usually crowded, which lends to its intimate setting.  

The Dolphin Restaurant, tasty food, intimate setting, spectacular views, and another reason I Luv Saipan.

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(hu guaiya hao mama)


  1. Hey Xavier! I agree the view from the Dolphin Tower Restaurant is absolutely beautiful! We live in such a beautiful place, don't we?

  2. It is a beautiful place indeed. We are lucky.


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