June 28, 2010

Trees Ablaze

Living on a tropical island, you don't get the Fall season, with leaves that turn yellow and red.  However, Saipan does have something similar.  It has the flame trees.  When they bloom -- late April through the summer months -- rich hues of orange and red blanket the landscape, as if the trees are ablaze.  Where ever you are on the island,  you will encounter a flame tree or a grove of them.  When you do, you can't help being awestruck by their beauty and fiery splendor.

Here's a video that will give you an idea of what you'll encounter driving around Saipan when the flame trees are in bloom.

Here are some photos of flame trees near my home.

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Flame trees in bloom, just another reason I Luv Saipan!

(hu guaiya hao mama)


  1. Wonderful trees and wonderful island.
    A nice week to you and family.

  2. Thanks Dona! Have a great week as well.


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