June 14, 2010

June Kaboom

KABOOM!  These past couple of weeks were an explosion of memories being made for my family.  After our day trip to Managaha on Memorial Day weekend, the events ticked off one after another.

It started with my wife and I celebrating our 15 year anniversary.  Fifteen years I've been married to the most wonderful woman.  Since that day I said "I do," my life has been blessed.  I had an inkling then that she was my soul mate, but I know whole heartedly now that she is every bit The One that was made for me.  We had an intimate night out with drinks and hors d'oeuvres (we were full from a large lunch) atop a rotating restaurant, as we talked about our past, present, and future while we watched the sun set over the infinite horizon.

That same week my eldest daughter received her Sacrament of Reconciliation and her First Holy Communion.  This was the culmination of a school year's worth of weekends at our church where my daughter learned the prayers and rituals of the Catholic faith.  It was a special moment for her as well as for my wife and I.  My heart was touched when I saw all the children receiving their First Holy Communion along with my daughter.  I never was religious until recently.  My mother's death played a big part in turning that around and I am most grateful.  Thank you Mom.  If she were able to witness my daughter's First Holy Communion, I know she would've had tears of joy.  She was smiling for sure from up above.

Finally, we celebrated my eldest daughter and youngest son's birthday with a party to remember.  The planning was two months in the making with the final week left for my wife and I to get everything prep'd for the party.  We had over 30 kids, ages 2-10, at our house.  Let me repeat... 30+ KIDS!  They all had fun: they jumped (we had 2 bouncers going), ate, laughed, ran, squabbled, did some arts and crafts, tore up the piñata, sang, and left with goodie bags and balloons.  I think their parents would have thanked us that evening, because I'm sure they were out like a light.  The best part though was that my daughter and son were both enjoying the party and the fun.

So why am I including these memories in the I Luv Saipan chronicle?  Quite simply, Saipan is the backdrop of memories being made and celebrations being had by my family.  Sure, these personal events happen all around the world, but I consider myself lucky, my family being lucky, to have these memories made here, this magical place full of beauty, full of tradition, and perfect for families.

June kaboom, it was an explosion of sorts, that's what it has felt like these past few weeks, and we are so lucky it was here on Saipan... more reasons why I Luv Saipan.

(hu guaiya hao mama)


  1. Hi Xavier!
    I'm a flag collector too. Could I ask you to drop me a new, precious Northern Mariana flag?
    Thanks a lot in advance and best wishes for you and family.
    Dona (Venice, Italy)

  2. Thanks Dona and Hafa Adai from the Northern Marianas. I visited your blog and I hope you now have the MP flag.

  3. Sure, I've got your flag. Thank you indeed, it's very kind of you!


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