June 21, 2010

Father's Day is Family Day

This past Father's Day I woke up early before everyone as I normally do.  When the kids awoke they greeted me with their hand made cards, followed by hugs, kisses, and I Love You's.  My lovely wife followed that up with a kiss, a hug, and a whisper, telling me how much of a wonderful father I am to our children.  My heart melted.

We soon got ready for church where all the fathers were given a blessing.  My spirit was uplifted.

I was then given a choice, I could have the day to myself or we can go out to eat at a nice restaurant for brunch.   I thought about it for a second, and for me Father's Day is Family Day and so I chose what my family loves to do and that is to go to the beach.  When I let everyone know my decision, the kids yelled, "Yay!"

And so we got out of our church clothes, and put on our swimming suits.  We packed up all our beach gear and loaded it all in the truck.  This time though we brought the kayak and the paddle board along with us.  Then we headed to American Memorial Park, but before we got to AMP, we made a quick stop at Himawari to pick up some lunch.

When we got to AMP, we found a nice shady spot right next to the beach.  My wife got the kids lathered with sunscreen while I unloaded the gear.  As the kids ran into the water and my wife and I finished up with our setup, I looked around us and watched other families celebrating Father's Day at the beach.  The breeze carried the sweet smell of barbecue and sounds of laughter, music, and conversation.  My gaze then turned to my kids splashing in the water, smiling, and laughing, as my wife joined them.  I thought to myself at that moment that this is how Father's Day should be spent.

We kayaked, we paddled, we swam and we snorkeled.  Interestingly, I picked up a 4th child while my daughter and I snorkeled.  A little zebra fish became attached to me and even gave me a kiss on the cheek.  Check out the video to see.

We spent the whole afternoon there at the beach.  We were sunkissed but we had a blast.  Another fond memory made and another reason why I Luv Saipan!

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(hu guaiya hao mama)

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