May 10, 2010

Views of Bird Island

In the Northeast area of Saipan, an islet sits offshore.  Its name is Bird Island.  Visitors to Saipan usually come here take their pictures atop a lookout, framing their snapshots with Bird Island in the background.  It's a beautiful view.  It sits there, with its white walls of stone, in the middle of a yin and yang contrast of water.

So why the name Bird Island?  It wasn't until I got to see the islet from the beach did I understand why it has its name.  The birds--there were so many--they were amazing, launching themselves from the cliffs, dancing in the sky, flirting with one another.

Standing at the beach you also get another perspective on the features of Bird Island.  The tame islet one sees at the lookout is replaced by a rock that looks quite fierce.  If you stare long enough, you can make out a skull and several faces in its terrain, some of them creepy.  Examine the pictures and tell me what you think.
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The many views of Bird Island: a contrast of tranquility and ferocity, a tourist photo opp seen by many and a view seen by few.  To experience it fully, take the trail down to the beach. From there you will get to know it for its namesake.

Bird Island, another reason why I Luv Saipan.

(hu guaiya hao mama)


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