May 25, 2010

On-island Vacation

This past weekend my family and I had a mini vacation.  We didn't leave Saipan, but rather we spent a night at one of the hotels, the Hyatt Regency Hotel, in Garapan.  My brother-in-law gave us a gift certificate that he wasn't able to use, and so with his generosity, we got to experience one of Saipan's beautiful hotels, for free!

The room was lovely, the view was gorgeous, and we soaked up the sun at the pool and beach.  That Saturday evening we walked over to the Taste of the Marianas to have our dinner.

The grounds of the hotel is filled with beautiful tropical flowers and gardens that are handsomely manicured.  A small white gazebo stands beside a large reflective pond, full of fish that you can feed with pieces of bread.  A past-time my kids enjoy.  On the grounds you'll find three spitting dragons, or at least that's what I call them, which are fountain water features that have been there since I can remember.  The beach in front of Hyatt is perfect for kids, and there's a sand bar that you can walk onto that extends far into the lagoon as if you can walk right out to Managaha.

It was a fabulous time... family time... quality time.  We vacationed without leaving.  Or rather we had an on-island vacation.  On-island vacations, another reason why I Luv Saipan.
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(hu guaiya hao mama)


  1. My husband and I love on-island vacations! We do plan a "get-away" on a regular basis! We live in a great place to do it, too!!

  2. On-island vacations are wonderful :)


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