May 4, 2010

Kids, Park, Rain Refresh

Yesterday, I decided to bring my daughters' bike and scooter along with us as we picked up the girls from school.  I convinced my wife that it would be a nice change to walk and ride around American Memorial Park after school with the kids instead of heading straight home.  I also wanted to give my daughter more practice on her bike as she just learned how to ride on two wheels.

It has been warm of late.  The trade winds have slowed and so you can feel more of the humidity.  The sun feels a tad more intense on your skin, and the landscape has been dry.  In fact, this past weekend we had a couple of fires in the dry grassy areas on the island.

So here we were strolling and riding at AMP, occasionally resting in the shade, when we noticed the clouds starting to turn a little dark.  Then the droplets came sprinkling down.  The sprinkling turned into a downpour.  There was no shelter near us other than the trees, and the kids, well, they were hot from the riding, so they just stood in the rain.  And well, my wife and I, after a quick hesitation, encouraged them.  What the heck.

I remembered my mom telling me she loved to play in the rain when she was younger, and I remember doing that too when I was a kid.  When she was still with us, she even encouraged my kids to play in the rain and would scold me for being uptight about them getting wet.  Well, that was for you Mom, I'm sure you were smiling down at us, watching your grandkids enjoying the rain.

As soon as the rain began, it had stopped, which is typical here on Saipan.  The air was sweeter and cooler.  The flowers adorned their droplets like jewels.

The kids, the park, the rain, it was a welcome refreshment from the warmness of the afternoon, and the past few days for that matter.  It was another pearl in the collection, another reason I Luv Saipan.

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2010-05-03 Kids at park, flowers

(Hu guaiya hao mama)

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  1. Great pictures! Great family time....and remembering your mom.


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