February 20, 2010

Spontaneous Swim-bustion

Sorry, no photos for this post.  The spontaneity didn't afford me the chance to take pictures.  But the experience was definitely worth sharing.  Another I Luv Saipan moment.

So we went to get lunch at KFC today and decided to go behind Townhouse to eat beach side.  We parked our truck under a shady pine tree, with the truck bed facing the ocean, and hopped in the back to have our lunch.  Yah, I know, I've described this before.  And yes, we do this often.

The fact that we can park at the beach, with our truck just 50 feet from the water's edge, to have an instant beachside picnic, is alone an I Luv Saipan moment, but this time, spontaneous swim-bustion occurred.  What do I mean?  Well, let me explain.

We ate our lunch and then my eldest daughter, who is 7, was just sitting at the tailgate, reading her book, while occasionally watching the folks at the beach swimming, jumping off of Sugar Dock, and playing in the sand.  We were all done eating and just finishing off our drinks.  Anyway, my daughter asks, "Papa, can I go swim?"  After a few seconds in thought (since we did not plan this, and we had no swim wear, no sunscreen, etc.), I said to her, "You know, sure, why not!"

Her face lit up while she said, "Really?!"  Then, my other daughter (who is 4) jumped up and yelled, "I want to swim, too!"  And then my toddler son got up and was about to jump off the truck bed before I grabbed him and said, "Hold on, son, wait for me to help you off."  By the way, he's all action, 100 mph, and he gives both my wife and I heart attacks.  But I digress.

So in a flash, my kids and I were submersed in the warm water, enjoying the warm sun, the way it's supposed to be enjoyed.  As a kid would want to anyway.  Needless to say, the smiles on my kids' faces were priceless.  Mine was pretty big too.

That was spontaneous swim-bustion.  And, yep, just another reason I Luv Saipan!

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