February 11, 2010

Maginificent Managaha

The islet of Managaha sits in the lagoon of Saipan.  Gazing at it from the shores or high lands of Saipan takes your breath away.  Spending a day on Managaha is priceless as you'll enjoy pristine waters, and tame fish for snorkeling and a gorgeous beach with views of the Saipan shoreline.  It ranked 3rd recently on Yahoo Japan's top beaches in the world.  We lucky residents of Saipan even get a free ride to Managaha and can camp out on it's shores.  It truly is an amazing place.

Just another reason why I Luv Saipan!

Managaha from Lighthouse and CUC beach


  1. So glad I found your blog. Moved here to Saipan in July 2009 and loving it.
    Noelle Lowe

  2. Hi Noelle,

    Thanks for your comment. Happy that you're loving it here as well.



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