January 26, 2010

Sunsets and Tanks in the Lagoon

Saipan was a site of a major battle in WWII.  There are many remnants of that battle throughout Saipan.  At Kilili Beach, on the western side of the island, and along Beach Road, you see two tanks in the lagoon.  The tanks were part of the US invasion onto the island.  I can only imagine how devastated Saipan was during that time, and of all the dead and wounded.  Old pictures of that era give me some idea, but it's only a filtered two-dimensional glimpse of the destruction and tragedy.

Those two tanks in the lagoon were witness to all that, as well as to the 65 years of peace that followed.  There they sit in the warm lagoon watching us as we BBQ, fish, swim, and play at Kilili Beach, and when the day turns to dusk, they get the best view of the sunset.

I'm sure they've got their top ten sunsets of the past 65 years.  Last night, for me at least, was pretty high on my list.  I wonder where they would rank it?  Ah, it doesn't matter, sunsets here on Saipan are spectacular.  Whenever I watch one, I say to myself, "Yep, I Luv Saipan."


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